HMR 10

High Bay End of Aisle, Surface, Line Volt, PIR

High Bay Aisle Way sensing is made cost effective by the HMR 10 Series occupancy sensor. For over a decade this Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor has been the choice of HID Bi-Level fixture manufacturers, as well as warehouse retro fitters using T5 and T8 Fluorescent lighting. The HMR 10 SH controls Bi-Level HID lighting with a Start-to-High timer and the HMR 10 controls fluorescent fixtures; both without the necessity of a Power Pack. The Start to High timer in the HMR 10 SH allows the sensor to turn the lights to High upon initial power up. This timer, typically set at 20 minutes, prevents the HID lamps from premature failure by warming up in the full bright mode. The HMR 10 is used when all the fixtures in the aisle are controlled together. For long aisles consider using multiple HMR 50 sensors in the middle and HMR 10s at the ends of the aisle. If individual fixture control is desired, refer to CMR&CMRB Series sensors.

PIR Occupancy Detection
Up to 45 ft Mounting
Coverage up to 110 Linear Feet
Self-Contained Relay - No Power Pack needed
No Minimum Load Requirements
Time Delay: 75 sec to 20 min
Green LED Indicator

Product overview and specifications
Application Type Manufacturing, Sports and Recreation, Transportation, Warehouses
Brand Name Sensor Switch
Environment Indoor
Product Type Sensors
Series HMR
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