TE E22

Premium Enclosed Aluminum Optical

For high-mounting heights that require high efficiencies, horizontal illumination, premium glare control and total enclosure. Ideal for heavy manufacturing areas, gymnasiums and wet location applications (Must be ordered with WL option).


Housing: Rugged, heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum with white polyester powder finish. Electrical components are horizontally opposed and heat-sinked to ballast housing for cool operation.


One-piece, totally enclosed-and-gasketed spun aluminum, anodized reflector combines high efficiency with extended shielding angle for high-performance optical control. Exclusive fluting design minimizes arc tube voltage rise. Gasketed, clear, tempered-glass lens inhibits the entrance of ambient contaminants. Hinge and lens retainer latches for tool-less access.


Ballast: All ballasts are 100% factory tested. HPS: Constant wattage autotransformer. MH: 175-400W fixtures shipped within the U.S. require super CWA pulse start ballasts which are 88% efficient and EISA-legislation compliant (must specify SCWA option). CSA, NOM or INTL options required for probe start shipments outside the U.S. 1000W is constant wattage autotransformer.

Socket: Vertically oriented mogul base socket with copper alloy, nickel-plated screw shell and center contact. UL Listed 1500W, 600V, 5KV pulse rated for U.S. lamps.


Pendant splice box-removable cast-aluminum box slides on integral die-cast aluminum housing mounting flange and mounts to 3/4" pendant conduit prior to ballast housing installation. Matching wire access cover accepts RELOC® modular wiring. Complete assembly meets or exceeds UL 50-pound pull test.

Optical mounting: four 8-32 corrosion-resistant, tri-lobular, thread-rolling screws are arranged concentrically around the lamp socket. Optic is sealed at the point of attachments with a one-piece gasket of FDA -approved material. A 16-gauge galvanized steel support ring with matching keyhole slots is pre-installed for vibration-resistant mounting.

Product overview and specifications
Brand Name Lithonia Lighting
Environment Indoor
Product Type Reflector
Series E22LD, HKF, HKM, TE
Spec Sheets
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Technical Files
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