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Atrius Insights

Atrius Insights spatial analytics platform service and web application

Atrius Insights platform service and web application transform indoor positioning and location-based data, acquired from Atrius Navigator or third-party indoor positioning systems, into spatial analytics, making complex relationships understandable and actionable for your business.

• Gain understanding of how visitors interact with your space to optimize customer journeys, analyze and predict traffic and behavioral patterns, and improve conversions

• Effortless IoT – Leverage data from Atrius Navigator or from third-party indoor positioning systems

• Rich Visual Analysis – Transform real-time and historical data into map-based visualizations and heatmaps of visitor and associate locations and paths, illustrating changes over time and exactly where those changes are taking places

• Making Complex Relationships Understandable – Gauge customer loyalty, dwell times, new visitor exposure, sales correlations and overall customer satisfaction

• Multi-site Support – Create, aggregate and compare metrics across multi-site organizations

• Designed for You – Support specific business queries and gain key performance indicators by creating custom charts

• Custom Development – Integrate with your business intelligence, point of sale or marketing applications, leveraging Atrius Insights platform service API


  • Atrius Integrated Solutions : Atrius Retail
  • Atrius Platform Services : Atrius Insights
  • Brand Name : Atrius
  • Product Type : Service
  • Series : INSIGHTS