Stage Lighting Control

Two-scene portable control console that offers simple, economical control for the Synergy Series dimmer cabinet in applications such as small stages, churches and presentation areas. Dual operation modes offer conventional two-scene preset or a "hold and fade" mode with a virtual second scene to double the effective number of control channels. Heavy-duty construction will hold up in school applications, and operation is simple enough for untrained personnel.

  • Channels: 24, 48 or 72 linear sliders arranged in two scenes (X & Y) of 12, 34 or 36 respectively.
  • Instant on "bump" button associated with each channel fader. IES square law control response.
  • Crossfader: Split X and Y crossfader handles provide dipless crossfade between scenes.
  • Grand Master: Proportionally masters the light output of all channels simultaneously.
  • Blackout Switch: Instantly switches the light output of all channels to off. An integral LED indicates when the blackout function is activated.
  • Hold and Fade Switch: Doubles the effective number of control channels. Permits the setting and "holding" of a virtual scene for all channels while the actual channel faders are used to set a second scene.
  • Special Effects: Permits automatic "chasing" of control channels in user set order, with adjustable speed and level control.

Product overview and specifications
Application Type Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Offices and Banks, Religious, Retail, Warehouses
Brand Name Synergy
Environment Indoor
Product Type System Controller
Series LSCC
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