Indoor Digital Photosensor

Indoor Digital Photosensor

The Indoor Digital Photosensor has an extended sensitivity range that allows it to be used in almost any location without needing adjustment for the reflectivity of the environment. Additionally, its dual housing construction allows it to be used as a full-sized sensor or the center section may be separated for a diminutive ceiling footprint. The Indoor Digital Photosensor comes in three styles:

2-Wire Global Photosensor: Photosensors when combined with a photocell card, have up to 14 different trigger points, each controlling a unique relay group in as many as 64 relay panels. Moreover, each dimmer (0-10V or 120V "phase") may be separately controlled to maintain a unique light level.

3-Wire Local Photosensor: Used only with the MicroPanel integrated distributed control panels which have on-board photosensor inputs. One trigger point or "follow-me" dim level is available (within a single MicroPanel) for every relay or dimmer.

3-Wire Local Slimline Photosensor: Same as 3-Wire Local Photosensor but with smaller footprint of (.310" dia.) makes it ideal for mounting directly to luminaires.

  • Small and discrete ceiling mount or fixture mount
  • Extended sensitivity range; no adjustment needed
  • Can be used in both open loop and closed loop applications
  • Low voltage power

Product overview and specifications
Application Type Waters, Sewers and Dams
Brand Name Lighting Controls and Design
Environment Outdoor
Product Type Photo Sensor
Series PCELL
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