Touch Screen Wall Station

User defined naming of channel/preset buttons

Customizable screen options (logo, brightness, time-out)

Controls up to 32 channels and 16 presets

Adjustable channel intensity using raise/lower buttons

Preset light levels may be modified and saved from SYGS screen

Programmable fade times

No exposed fasteners

Password protection options

Low power consumption enables up to 60 stations on a single bus

Power failure memory

The SYGS from Synergy Lighting Controls provides economical, intuitive touchscreen control of Synergy systems in one sleek, compact device. Its sophisticated design allows it to be conveniently located and accessible, putting control of multiple lighting channels within reach.


The 3.5~8221; high resolution touchscreen allows the user to easily program customized lighting presets for multiple channels. With a touch of the screen, the SYGS interface activates. From there it is easy to adjust lighting or program the preset buttons that control lighting scenarios for that area.


Navigation from screen to screen within the SYGS is easy with buttons that page forward, return to the main menu, and prompt the user to save preset options when modifications are made. The logo screen display can be customized with user selected graphics.


  • Application Type : Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Offices and Banks, Religious, Retail, Warehouses
  • Brand Name : Synergy
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Mounting Type : Wall
  • Product Type : Touchscreen
  • Series : SYGS