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oem lighting sales

Dark to Light ® state-of-the-art photocontrols are available to OEM lighting fixture companies. If you would like to apply to be an Acuity Controls OEM please request an OEM Application from OEM Lighting Sales, Inc.

OEM Lighting Sales, Inc. has grown out of Bloch Aluminum, a manufacturer's representative with over 30 years experience serving the OEM lighting market representing premier companies such as Alanoid Aluminum, and Sumitomo Metlas. Larry Block and George Dieckmann formed OEM Lighting Sales to meet the growing needs of the luminaire manufacturing market expecially targeting the energy saving and life safety fixture mounted products. 

All quote requests, orders and customer service for OEM accounts will be processed by OEM Lighting Sales, Inc.

Please forward all quote requests and orders to:


OEM Lighting Sales, Inc.

41-07 162nd St.

Fluching, NY 11358

Office: 718.321.0002

Fax: 718.321.2132