Corridor and Stairwell Lighting Solutions

Lighting for school corridors and stairwells serves an important safety role. Our LED lighting and controls solutions offer the added benefit of energy savings.

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Lighting Stairwells and Corridors for Safety and Savings

School corridor design is all about traffic flow and helping large groups of people, mostly students, move efficiently and safely to their next destination. The same is true of school stairwells. These high-use areas need to be well lit for safety, but when not in use, they’re prime locations for saving energy. A cost-effective solution begins with energy-efficient, long-life, low-maintenance LED lighting. Then add integrated controls, like occupancy sensors, to enhance the energy savings.


Designing a Corridor and Stairwell Lighting Solution

Lighting for stairwells and corridors must meet code requirements, but it should also provide comfortable, glare-free illumination. Fixtures with a sleek, minimalist design work well in these applications. When the spaces are unoccupied, full intensity lighting is not needed, so integrated controls help by dimming lighting until occupancy is detected.

Benefits of an Acuity Brands lighting solution include:

  • Lighting systems that meet code requirements
  • Energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED fixtures
  • Integrated controls that increase energy savings
  • Savings of up to 50% over traditional lighting


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Education Lighting Applications

Smart lighting solutions can be a valuable tool in the modern classroom — saving energy and enhancing the learning environment.
Lighting solutions that support the multiuse nature of school libraries — from quiet reading to group collaboration — win here.
Corridor & Stairwell
Glare-free lighting with even, shadow-free distribution helps make corridors a comfortable path between classes.              
Gym solutions combine user-friendly controls with efficient but rugged luminaires, able to withstand whatever gets thrown at them.
Luminaires with an integrated control system deliver a flexible solution that can be as simple or dramatic as need be.
Solutions with networked controls that can optimize energy use and easily change effects meet both practical and aesthetic needs.
Total Building Management
Our smart platform leverages the internet of things to unify, control and monitor building systems and analyze performance.
Student housing solutions combine lighting that’s rugged enough to stand the test of time with controls to reduce energy use.
Luminaires and controls designed and certified to operate safely in a wet and warm environment provide the ideal pool solution.

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