Customer Service Centers

Customer service representatives often work in open office environments and need lighting solutions that simply work.

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best office lighting for computer work

Minimize Glare with Quality Light

Customer service representatives spend a lot of time on the phone and looking at computer screens to help solve customer problems. They don’t need problems coming from their lighting. Acuity Brands designs quality troffers and recessed lighting that minimize glare on screens to help employees serve customers better. And many of these solutions are available in cost-effective retrofit kits and wireless controls so companies can deliver quality light for employees, while staying on budget now and over the life of the system.


Cost and Energy Efficiency

Acuity Brands works with thousands of commercial office owners and tenants to help satisfy practically every need and any budget. Trial installation programs minimize risk, while financing and retrofit kits minimize the upfront cost of a new energy-saving lighting and controls system. Contact us to learn more.

  • Large portfolio of long-lasting, energy-saving solutions
  • Wireless controls support cost-effective compliance with building energy codes
  • Retrofit kits simplify any upgrade to LED with quality fixtures
  • In-house financing reduces or eliminates upfront costs
best office lighting, best office lighting for eyes

Commercial Office Resources

best office lighting for computer work, best office lighting for eyes

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Featured Products

best office lighting

BLT Series Recessed LED Luminaire

Lithonia Lighting®
With a clean design, shallow fixture-depth for easy installation, plug-n-play control options and reliability backed by Lithonia Lighting--all at an attractive price.

BTLR Series LED Relight Assembly Kit

Lithonia Lighting®
The BLTR Series provides quick, easy installation into most existing luminaires. It provides the look, feel and performance of a full fixture replacement at a fraction of the cost – reducing installation cost and materials.

VTLR Relight Kit featuring eldoLED

Lithonia Lighting®
The 2VTL2R LED Relight assembly is the ideal solution for renovating existing fluorescent troffer and parabolic systems, delivering improved quality of light and refreshing the space. VTLR volumetric lighting eliminates the “cave effect” by delivering the ideal amount of light to walls, work surfaces, and people.

WL LED Wall Surface Mount Bracket

Lithonia Lighting®
The WL is a sleek, minimalist designed wall or surface mount luminaire combining digital LED lighting and integrated nLight® lighting controls with high-performance optical design that is perfect for general ambient lighting applications.

nLight® AIR Wireless Wall Switch

Acuity Controls
The nLight AIR rPODB is a battery-powered wall switch including toggle and/or raise lower features with optional multi-pole control. It provides a user with local control of a lighting zone.

nLight® AIR Fixture Integrated Wireless Sensor

Acuity Controls
The nLight AIR rES7 sensor is a in-fixture, low voltage, digital sensor providing embedded wireless lighting control, digital dimming, occupancy detection and daylight harvesting capabilities.


Commercial Office Applications

best office lighting
Private Office
Enclosed office spaces where lighting should minimize glare on screens and provide easy, personalized control.
best office lighting
Open Office
Modular, reconfigurable work areas used for a variety of purposes requiring flexible illumination.                                           
best office lighting
Conference Room
Multi-use meeting spaces requiring multiple layers of light and controls to deliver flexibility to satisfy every use.
best office lighting
Corridors & Stairwells
Small spaces, often paths of egress with regulated illumination and emergency power requirements.                                            
best office lighting
Parking Lots and Garages
Outdoor spaces where new LED lighting can enhance employees’ sense of safety while reducing energy use for building owners.
best office lighting
Reception areas where lighting can be used to enforce a brand and provide a welcoming staging area for guests and employees.

Let's start a new office project together.