Industries Solutions

Acuity Brands is the worldwide leader in lighting, controls and daylighting solutions that increase efficiencies, lower costs, reduce maintenance and perfectly fulfill sophisticated lighting design specifications.

Lighting, Controls and Daylighting

Our comprehensive portfolio delivers on all the promises of modern lighting for any environment – interior or exterior. We are dedicated to helping users achieve beautiful, sustainable illumination that enhances the quality of life. We fully understand the complex challenges that arise when illuminating unique environments. We are conscious of rising energy costs, and the pressure they create for smarter solutions. Most importantly, we draw on our decades of expertise to meet the needs of specific spaces, use that experience to discern what it will take to meet rapidly evolving needs and predict the solutions that shape the future of lighting applications. Learn more about how we apply our innovative lighting, controls and daylighting solutions to ensure featured spaces exceed their potential.

Commercial Office
The way people work has changed. So have office lighting and controls. Today, solutions support how people work while helping reduce energy and costs.
Educational lighting solutions integrate together to create quality lighting and efficient equipment to  provide a better learning environment.
Smart lighting solutions for applications like military bases and correctional facilities enhance security while providing substantial reduction in energy use and maintenance.
Enhance the healing and nurturing environment with complete solutions that make it simple to deliver the right lighting for each space. Enable caregivers. Improve patient experience - and outcomes.
At Acuity Brands, we believe that comfortable, home-like, engaging spaces are realized when lighting systems can improve ambiance, hospitality provider performance and environmental sustainability.
Your industrial lighting environments need advanced solutions — lighting and controls that improve operations while delivering savings that impact your bottom line.
Residential lighting solutions ensure residents & property managers have lighting that is functional, attractive and energy-efficient.
Lighting and controls that create dynamic and engaging lighting environments to help deliver on cost saving and revenue enhancing goals.
Roadways Bridges Tunnels
Acuity Brands provides municipalities, DOTs and utilities with the industry’s largest portfolio of smart lighting and controls solutions for roadways, bridges and tunnels.
From high mast to flood lights, your ports and rail applications have a demanding set of unique lighting applications. Acuity Brands is your single source for the most reliable solutions available.
Waters Sewers Dams
Applications like water and wastewater treatment facilities can greatly enhance energy savings, safety and sustainability while reducing maintenance through Acuity Brands lighting & controls.