What's New - Juno

What's New

Juno Recessed Downlights with eldoLED Drivers, A+ Capable Options
Juno® Trac-Lites™ R605L LED Fixtures
Juno® 2-Inch LED Downlights and Adjustables, Gen 2
Juno® Basics Series™ Retrofit LED Adjustables, Gen 2


Juno® Mini LED Downlights and Gimbals, Gen 2
Juno® Trac-Master LED Vertical Cylinder Fixtures
Juno® Commercial LED Retrofit Trims - JCLR Series
Juno FlexConnect™ Architectural Linear LED Lighting System


Juno® 4-inch Internally Adjustable LED Fixtures
Juno® Trac-Lites 10W LED R600L Series Fixtures