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Downlight Reflectors and Baffles

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New Construction and Remodel

Low Profile

Mainstream Dynamic


Downlight Reflectors

Angle Cut Adjustable Reflectors

Pinholes and Bevels

Wall Wash

The Latest in Lighting

AX2SQ A New Construction Universal Housing

Aculux® LED 2in Square New Construction Adjustable Housing

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Aculux Low Profile LED Downlight and Adjustable Housing

AX3 LPA Low Profile Housing

Aculux® LED 3in Round Low Profile Adjustable Housing

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Aculux 4-in New Construction Downlight Adjustable Recessed Housing

AX4SQ New Construction Housing

Aculux® LED 4in Square New Construction Adjustable Housing

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We Innovate

Provides pinpoint geared aiming accuracy with   365° + rotation and 45° vertical aiming that is accomplished with the turn of a screwdriver. 

Proprietary optics provide industry leading beam control from tight 12° spot distributions to 60° FWHM, and deliver up to 28,086 CBCP.

Maximizes light output when LED optic is aimed off nadir and eliminates glare at any aiming angle. 

Patented, spring loaded, optic holder maintains optimum LED optic and trim relationship, maximizing luminaire efficiency while accommodating up to three optical accessories.  

Patented Tru-Line platform contains a series of contractor friendly features that aid installation and fixture alignment.

Luminaires render colors supremely well,   achieving 90 CRI, while maintaining superior color consistency within 2-step MacAdam Ellipse.   WarmDim® mode mimics halogen and tunable white mode adjusts from 4350k to 2000k.

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