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Designed with Contractors in Mind

The SensorSwitch JOT enabled solution uses one-of-a-kind wireless dimming technology for an effortless way to install and pair JOT enabled lighting fixtures and controls.

Available exclusively with select SensorSwitch and Lithonia Lighting® products, we offer a broad range of JOT enabled dimmable fixtures and controls to address multiple commercial applications. This wireless technology works seamlessly for both new construction and renovation projects of single room spaces such as private offices, conference rooms and classrooms.

Out-of-Box Functionality

Wireless pairing of fixtures and controls is accomplished with Just One Touch of a button. The JOT enabled wireless dimming technology allows contractors to install fixtures without running any 0-10V dimming wires.

Commissioning or mobile apps are not required to pair the products, giving contractors peace of mind that the job is complete.

Lightning Speed Installation

The JOT enabled wireless solution simplifies the installation and pairing process into 3 steps:



Install JOT enabled fixtures and controls as instructed. No 0-10V wires needed!



Insert the pairing tool into the pinhole. Then, press and hold any button for 6 seconds. Once paired, each fixture will individually dim to 10% brightness.



Products will be fully functional once all fixtures return to 100% brightness.

JOT Enabled Products

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