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Digital Sensory Network

Leverage Location and Building Data

Connect Building Devices into a Digital Sensory Network

Atrius-Ready luminaires, controls, sensors and other devices are the products that make up your digital sensory network. Address energy efficiency and comfort requirements while seamlessly collecting and communicating data to enable Atrius Software Services.

Beyond Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Enhance your Space with Atrius IoT Software Services


Indoor Positioning
Atrius Navigator - SDK

Enhance mobile applications with accurate wayfinding, point of interest search and location-based interactions.


Asset Tracking and Management
Atrius Assets - APIs

Optimize workflows, space layouts and equipment utilization, with precise item location, pathing and customizable alert monitoring.

Atrius-Ready Luminaires


Atrius-Ready luminaires feature embedded Bluetooth® Low Energy and/or visible light communication (VLC) technologies, providing the data and connectivity required for location-based services, including Atrius Navigator (indoor positioning) and Atrius Assets (asset tracking).

IBG Series

I-BEAM® Configurable LED High Bay

CLX LED Strip Light

CLX Linear LED Strip Light


PHG LED High Bay

Additional luminaires can be Atrius-Ready for customer deployments including:
BLT Series Low-Profile Recessed LED — Lithonia Lighting luminaires
TLX T Series Surface-Mount LED — Lithonia Lighting luminaires
Slot 6 Recessed Linear — Mark Architectural Lighting™ luminaires
VTL and VTLR Series Volumetric LED — Lithonia Lighting luminaires
WHSPR Series Whisper LED Architectural Troffer — Mark Architectural Lighting luminaires

Atrius-Ready Devices

Data and Communication

Edge and Fog devices manage Bluetooth Low Energy technology communication and IP connectivity.


Edge Device for Bluetooth Low Energy technology configuration for Use with Atrius Navigator


Fog gateway for use with Atrius Assets

EGW Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway for use with Atrius Assets

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Asset Tags

Bluetooth Low Energy technology asset tags for use with Atrius Assets

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