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Atrius™ Retail

Innovating Retail Experiences

IoT Solutions for Retail

Atrius Retail is an integrated IoT retail solution allowing retailers to digitize brick and mortar stores by leveraging embedded technologies within energy-efficient lighting. Atrius Retail enables the development of applications utilizing indoor positioning services to enhance shoppers' experiences, improve store operations, and gain remarkable business intelligence through retail store analytics.



Crafting Customer Journeys

  • Navigate to products
  • Connect to store associates for immediate assistance
  • Receive location-based promotions and coupons
  • Discover product information


Enhancing Store Operations

  • Prioritize routing based on product location
  • Pick and pack customer orders in real time for in-store pickup
  • Eliminate training on product location for seasonal employees
  • Visualize live locations of associates and customers for store management


Delivering Retail Intelligence

  • Visualize store traffic
  • Understand customer traffic patterns
  • Convert more visits into sales
  • Use store analytics to compare location performances across your portfolio

Atrius Retail Platform Services

Digitally Transform Brick and Mortar Stores with Atrius

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