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Internet of Things Solutions

Connecting Buildings, People, Businesses with Location Aware Services

Create Brilliant Experiences

The Atrius indoor location services data platform provides indoor location and navigation, wayfinding, asset tracking, occupant behavior data, and asset analytics using a connected lighting platform. Retailers, airports, industrial companies and others are using Atrius to improve operations and enhance employee and customer experiences inside facilities of all types.

Your Building is a Digitalized, Strategic Asset

Unlock Optimized Operations and Enhanced Experiences

Indoor Positioning

Atrius Navigator - SDK

Enhance mobile applications with accurate wayfinding, point of interest search and location-based interactions.

Asset Tracking and Management

Atrius Assets - APIs

Optimize workflows, space layouts and equipment utilization, with precise item location, pathing and customizable alert monitoring.

Lighting Enables IoT

A scalable, ubiquitous infrastructure, powering communication technologies. Gain contextual, location-aware data, plus connectivity to those who matter to your business.


Right Connection
Embedded power, connectivity, data and location


Right Location
Everywhere there are people, there are lights


Right Time
Immediate energy saving opportunities

The IoT Platform For Your Business

Leveraging Your Connected Building

Sensory Network

Embedded connectivity to leverage location and building data

Software Services

Enable the development of mobile and web-based applications and reveal thorough analytics


Expertly deliver tailored solutions for your business

Solutions for Your Business

Promoting strategic engagement, process improvements and new revenue opportunities

Leading the Internet of Things

Successfully Deployed in Over 300 Million Square Feet of Indoor Space

Atrius IoT Solutions - News

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