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Integrity Drives Our Success

Operating with Integrity

We are deeply committed to conducting business with the utmost integrity and ethics and to complying with applicable laws worldwide. How we do business matters and we expect each of our associates, suppliers, and all our business partners to share these values and live them daily.


Governance and Leadership

Please see our Corporate Governance Page for Acuity Brands Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws, Corporate Governance Guidelines, and various other governance documents that represent the primary governing principles under which, in conjunction with adherence to the Delaware General Corporation Law, the Board of Directors and management of Acuity Brands fulfill their responsibilities to customers, employees, and shareholders. Our Governance Committee of our Board of Directors oversees our corporate environmental, social and governance strategy, policies and procedures.


Doing Business Right

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and related policies apply to all our associates and business partners, including our officers, agents, distributors and suppliers worldwide. We have achieved and will continue to achieve success by ensuring we conduct our business the right way. Upon joining Acuity Brands, all associates receive training on our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and related policies. In addition, all associates receive annual training on our Code and re-certify their shared commitment to doing business the right way. This includes awareness about our Ethics Helpline and encouraging their partnership in raising concerns.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct - 100% of salaried associates receive annual training on our Code and re-certify their shared commitment to doing business the right way. In fiscal 2020, we plan to expand that to include hourly workers.
EHS Policy Statement - We take environmental health & safety seriously. So seriously that behind the policy there is an entire Environmental, Health & Safety Management System.
Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Program Over 170 associates and 22 external partners received job-specific anti-corruption training in 2019. Since FY17, we have paid $0 in fines related to corruption.
Privacy & Security 
Product Quality and Safety 
Public Policy and Industry Standards 
UK Tax Strategy



Our People

We value all the ideas, innovation, contributions, and diversity our associates bring to our organization. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment and respect our associates’ rights to freely choose their employment, to join or not join unions or labor associations, and work in a safe and healthy work environment.

Human Rights Policy 
Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation Policy 
Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy 



Our Partners

Our values and commitment to doing business right extends to our business partners as well. Our business partners have obligations under our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and related policies, as well as the additional policies listed below.

Supplier Code of Conduct 
Conflict Minerals Policy
Current SD Report
California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Statement

Our Ethics Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our associates and third parties all over the world to ask questions or to report concerns.

Acuity Ethics Helpline