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Wireless Lighting Control Technology

Acuity Brands is leading the digital transformation with the integration of advanced LED lighting, daylighting and digital controls. Now, with proven and reliable integrated wireless technology, we are advancing our Smart+Simple options even further.

Today, our intelligent lighting fixtures feature wireless enabled technologies installed at the factory. And our diverse portfolio of wireless solutions includes four distinct technologies specially designed to provide you with options to meet the lighting control goals of all your indoor and outdoor lighting applications.  Just as our modern mobile devices require multiple wireless options – 3G for connecting to distant cell towers; midrange WiFi for connecting to home and office networks; and local Bluetooth® for personal audio devices – so too do our lighting systems.

Adura® Technology

Ideal for indoor fixture-embedded applications. Adura technology creates a mesh network that can be configured, controlled and monitored with building-wide systems.

nWIFI™ Technology

Optimized for indoor applications with existing WiFi infrastructure. The nLIGHT® wireless backbone technology delivers a point-to-point high data rate across a typical distance of 200’.

RDT Technology

Suited for in-room applications. The RDT technology allows fully wireless switches and sensors to control wall switches, relay packs and panels.

ROAM® System

Engineered for outdoor lighting applications, the ROAM monitoring system is a high-powered, long‐range mesh solution designed to scale from automotive dealerships to entire municipalities.