The Indoor Positioning Systems from Acuity Brand help retailers deliver a tailored, mobile-enabled omnichannel shopping experience to their customers. Indoor positioning also can be deployed to optimize and increase understanding of how occupants interact within large-scale indoor environments. These indoor capabilities, together with the ability to provide mapping for surrounding outdoor spaces, create new opportunities for data analytics that can lead to operational efficiencies, enhanced safety, and increased revenues in spaces such as airports, shopping malls, logistics centers, universities and healthcare facilities. 

Our recently acquired GeoMetri® platform provides robust and comprehensive mapping tools to help identify, measure and visualize pedestrian foot traffic. Additionally, the platform optimizes indoor and outdoor venue floor plan information so that occupants can search for and navigate to points of interest using a smartphone. It's powerful combination of spatial and statistical engines provides insight into physical visitor behavior and is designed to be flexible, easily customizable and usable with existing and emerging positioning technologies.
Create a connected shopping experience with personalized merchandising in more efficient stores.

  • Navigate directly to the shelf
  • Connect to store associates
  • Browse additional selections online
Attract and retain customers with increased app usage as the in-store experience becomes more effective.

  • Receive online orders in the cart
  • Chat with associates
  • Learn more about products and accessories
  • Redeem in-store offers and promotions
Improve store operations with timely associate and inventory management.

  • Minimize stock-outs through digital work orders
  • Dispatch associates to shoppers in need
  • Alert associates to urgent clean-ups