Lighting Products and Systems Inspiration - Acuity Brands
photo gallery
From retail to education and high profile spaces, get inspired by application photos of a variety of our products and systems in use. 
energy savings
Digital technology is producing significant reductions in energy use and providing a better quality of light for the users of the built environment. We are actively leveraging our innovative expertise to deliver practical and efficient solutions. 
The development of new lighting technologies is not the final destination; it is the everyday road we travel to deliver innovative, exciting and practical solutions that address our customers’ needs.
Innovative, integrated, intelligent solutions: indoor, outdoor, underwater, daylighting, LED, OLED, fluorescent, HID, lighting fixtures, controls and more – to create the best quality light for every environment. 
We have dramatically raised the bar – and customer expectations – as it relates to the quality of lighting. Every space is unique, every factor is important and every application demands the highest quality.