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industrial lighting, strip lighting, HID high bay lighting, low bay lighting, fluorescent lighting


Acuity Brands solutions for industrial spaces maximize energy savings while reducing maintenance costs through the use of advanced LED lighting technology, full range dimming, and flexible, intelligent control options.  Our systems include lighting and controls for a stand-alone or networked application, provide the flexibility to reconfigure lighting to accommodate changes in the warehouse configuration and the ability to rezone and regroup fixtures for changing requirements. 

Industrial solutions are specified for warehouses, industrial facilities, food processing and other special environment facilities as well as retail locations, schools, libraries, museums, offices, restaurants and arenas. 

Our standard and custom industrial lighting fixtures are known for their superior optical design and efficient illumination. Custom reflector designs, special finishes and unique housings can be accommodated to satisfy the most challenging applications, and can be specified to withstand dirt, heat, moisture and corrosiveness.

Warehouse Food Processing

Food Processing: Warehousing & Storage

Splash Zone

Food Processing: Splash Zone

Food Processing: Cold Storage