Environment is part of the learning
experience. Lighting in schools
plays an important role. School
lighting systems that deliver easily
controlled, quality lighting have a
positive impact on both teachers
and students.

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Exterior lighting serves two main purposes, practical and aesthetic. On the practical side, safety and security are key. Students, educators, and visitors should feel secure in parking areas and walkways, with sufficient illumination to avoid trip hazards. Aesthetically, well-designed spot, accent, and landscape lighting create a sense of place and communicate a positive image. Controls that network the entire system make it easy to change effects and optimize energy consumption.

  • Family of products bridges all outdoor applications, from parking lot or garage to building façade to walkways and landscapes
  • Uniform illumination that increases perception of safety
  • Long-life LED solutions reduce maintenance effort and costs
  • Controls that reduce light levels when space is unoccupied for improved energy efficiency

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Chicago-Area School District Lights Up its Learning Environment with LED Luminaires
Spring 2014

Community Consolidated School District 59, in a suburb of Chicago, set out to improve the overall learning environment in its schools. Providing teachers with control of the classroom environment was a top goal of specifying a new lighting and controls system. Energy savings would be a bonus.

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