School Lighting:

Environment is part of the learning
experience. Lighting in schools
plays an important role. School
lighting systems that deliver easily
controlled, quality lighting have a
positive impact on both teachers
and students.

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School administrators, teachers and parents share a common goal: giving students the opportunity to reach their highest potential in learning. Creating an optimized learning environment is important in achieving that goal. Research indicates that lighting in schools can be a key factor, affecting student performance, engagement and mood.

In addition to enhancing the learning environment, lighting upgrades can have a positive effect on school budgets. Lighting is typically one of the greatest energy consumers in schools — too often being used inefficiently or unnecessarily. Upgrading school light fixtures and adding controls can significantly reduce energy costs.

 School lighting systems that deliver easily-controlled, task-appropriate, quality lighting can have a positive impact on both teachers and students. When those lighting solutions also reduce energy use, lower maintenance costs, and comply with codes and budgets, everyone wins. 

Acuity Brands has a long and strong history of lighting educational campuses. Ease of installation, cost competitiveness and our ability to provide complete lighting solutions are just a few of our strengths.

We offer solutions that can deliver the right type of light and right amount of light, exactly where you need it and only when you need it, for higher performance and lower total lifecycle costs. Our school lighting solutions include interior and exterior luminaires, daylighting and controls.

 But we can go even further. Controls for lighting, HVAC and security systems can be connected for full building management, taking optimization of the teaching and learning environment and reduction of energy consumption to an even greater level. 

Just as the modern school must serve an ever-increasing and diverse array of activities and stakeholders, so does school lighting.

Classroom: Today’s classroom must be flexible, to adapt and change as activities change. And each activity—from testing to reading, lecture sessions to small work groups, audiovisual presentations to laptop study sessions—has different lighting needs. Learn more. 

Gymnasium: Beyond the classroom, other spaces such as gymnasiums often serve multiple purposes. For most schools, the gym is not only a hub of sports and physical activity, it’s also the location for a variety of other events with very different lighting needs. Learn more.

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