Product Details


Auto Dimming Photocell, Fixture, Line Volt

The CMRB ADC Series of Automatic Dimming Control sensors provide continuous control of dimmable ballasts for daylight harvesting applications. Ideal for public spaces with windows like vestibules, corridors, or bathrooms; the CMRB ADC works by monitoring daylight conditions in a room, then controlling a 0-10 VDC dimmable ballast so as to insure that adequate lighting levels are maintained. The CMRB ADC sensors are line powered and therefore do not require a Power Pack. The CMRB ADC's enclosure is specifically designed to mount on the end of a linear fluorescent fixture. To add full On/Off switching to the dimming control provided by the CMRB ADC, see the Technical Data Sheet on the CMR(B) PC ADC sensor.

Line Powered, no Power Pack needed
Automatically Dims 0-10 VDC ballasts
Dimming sinks up to 20 mA
Self-calibrating Set-Point
Digital Set-Point Control
Push-Button Programmable
Green LED Status indicator
100 Hr. Lamp Burn-in Timer Mode


  • Application Type : Automotive and Parking, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Offices and Banks, Power and Gas, Religious, Residential, Retail, Roadways, Bridges and Tunnels, Sports and Recreation, Transportation, Warehouses
  • Brand Name : Sensor Switch
  • Color : White
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Finish : Gloss
  • Lens Material : Plastic
  • Mounting Type : Fixture - Attached
  • Product Type : Sensor
  • Series : CMRB