Product Details


Monitoring and Programming of thermostats

Each T-Link card allows both monitoring and programming of up to 32 intelligent thermostats, for full control of conventional and heat pump units. Thermostat manufactured by XCI Corp*.

  • Complete remote control and status of up to 32 thermostats via the T-Link control card
  • Adjust and monitor all settings locally at the master relay panel or remotely from a PC via dial-up, internet or intranet
  • Program heating/cooling levels
  • Program day/night setback setpoints
  • Use the Chelsea DigitalSwitch~191; to temporarily override lighting and HVAC thermostat features
  • Fan selector for continuous fan operation
  • Built-in, short-cycle protection
  • Optional remote indoor and outdoor sensors
  • Thermostats are emulated on the bus by a relay panel at LCP32. When the relay is ON the program is in the Day mode. When off the thermostat is in set level (night) mode
  • Adjust local keypad range control


  • Application Type : Sports and Recreation
  • Brand Name : Lighting Controls and Design
  • Environment : Outdoor
  • Mounting Type : Surface
  • Product Type : Temperature Control
  • Series : TSTAT