Product Details


High Bay 360~176;, Fixture, Low Volt, PIR

Designed for mounting heights of up to 45 feet, the CMB 6 High Bay 360~176; sensor provides Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy detection over a 15-20 ft radial coverage pattern that overlaps the areas lit by a typical High Bay fixture. This low voltage sensor mounts to a junction box or fixture with a 1/2 inch knockout. Applications include warehouses and gymnasiums. Multiple fixture control is best handled by using multiple CMB 6 sensors together as needed. When used with standard power packs, these sensors are ideal for on/off control of T5/T8 fluorescent lighting. However, HID bi-level fixtures can also be controlled when the CMB 6 is partnered with a PP20 SH power pack with the start-to-high feature. For lower mounting height applications, CMB 9 or CMB 10 Series sensors are recommended.

PIR Occupancy Detection
Communicates with other Sensors
Up to 45 ft Mounting
360~194;~186; Coverage
Push-Button Programmable
Time Delay: 30 sec to 20 min
Green LED Indicator
100 Hr. Lamp Burn-in Timer Mode


  • Application Type : Automotive and Parking, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Offices and Banks, Power and Gas, Religious, Residential, Retail, Roadways, Bridges and Tunnels, Sports and Recreation, Transportation, Warehouses
  • Brand Name : Sensor Switch
  • Color : White
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Finish : Gloss
  • Mounting Type : Fixture - Attached
  • Product Type : Sensor
  • Series : CMB