Unsurpassed Range and Quality

The Juno brand product line encompasses residential and commercial recessed lighting, track lighting, and undercabinet lighting of unsurpassed range and quality. Award-winning Juno products, offering innovative designs and energy-efficient light sources, are the preferred brand for custom homes, retail stores, and elegant office spaces.

Who We Are

Since its creation in 1976, the Juno® brand has earned a reputation for introducing a steady stream of products that have led the industry in quality, performance and innovation. The Juno brand encompasses residential and commercial downlights, track, linear task and undercabinet lighting, all offering innovative designs and energy-efficient solutions.  Juno luminaires are the preferred brand of many distributors, contractors, architects and lighting designers for applications such as single-family custom homes, multifamily units, retail stores and elegant office spaces, to name just a few.

Designing for Today and Tomorrow

The Juno brand offers products that are leaders in style, efficiency and performance. But with an eye to the future, we are continually developing products that will be even more efficient and environmentally sustainable. LEDs top the list, and the product offering already includes a large and rapidly growing selection of LED fixtures. Our commitment to energy efficiency is meant to provide substantial savings today and help secure tomorrow’s future. The result has been a wave of award-winning LED products designed to lower energy bills, reduce the amount of carbon emissions and toxins, and comply with increasingly restrictive electrical codes and green initiatives.