Representing the Pinnacle in Recessed Lighting Design

The Aculux brand offers the specifier the highest level of sophistication available in a recessed downlight or adjustable luminaire, while providing the specifier with a multitude of options with its broad portfolio.

Defining Precision

Aculux™ precision luminaires have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation in the world of architectural lighting. With patented precision aiming and adjustment features, these luminaires can direct light exactly where desired. They can highlight artwork, architectural features or merchandise displays with unprecedented depth and sparkle, while adding an extra touch of elegance to residential, retail-boutique and high-end-commercial interiors.

Precision with Power

Aculux precision recessed luminaires are the most powerful luminaires in their class, delivering an industry-leading 22,000 center beam candlepower from a 3-inch-aperture and 3,200 lumens from a 4-inch-aperture adjustable accent. The recessed adjustables, downlights and multiples feature precision-geared aiming and field-interchangeable optics. And the patented Tru-Line™ installation platform ensures perfect fixture-to-fixture alignment, giving the specifier confidence that the integrity of their design will be maintained. When it comes to precision optics, aiming and installation, Aculux luminaires are spot-on and powerful in every way.